A property owner trusts that by giving you the responsibility of managing on their behalf, they will get good returns and the proper care will be provided to it. Facilities management is an art that demands the individual’s ability to explore the available opportunities and while minimizing the cost.The unoccupied facility is comparable to a vehicle without a driver; everything is ready and probably in good condition, but someone has to develop a strategy for tenancy; that favorable conditions shall be created to attract more occupants. Following are some of the fundamental issues concerning facilities management;-

The owner gives you the full mandate to manage that facility as he would; sometimes the expectations are too high but you must deliver.-running a facility on behalf of someone(Owner) or a company demands that you factor in the inflated costs involved in the detailed operations.-You must hire the right personnel; blending skill with talent is key to ensure maximum productivity.-Let your tenants speak for you; customer service is essential in every service industry, thus if exemplary service is given, your customers will market you. You will not need to spend a lot on marketing; it’s a done deal. A property is a living thing that always requires your attention; thus give it the attention it requires; you cannot be an absent manager and expect high/good returns.

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