Tired Of Pests And Diseases in your Garden?

Pests and diseases can be a huge set back in any organic garden,this can for sure hinder expected yields.How would you take it if you had a hundred percent output from your organic garden?You would for sure be exhaled with joy.How can you achieve such results. Well ground maintenance is a good way to start.

To get best yields it’s Paramount to prepare your garden effectively and enrich the soil with organic manure,make sure the area around the garden is free of shrubs or side growth which could be a good habitat for pests and diseases. You can achieve this by either netting your field or by clearing the area surrounding the garden.

Choose high quality seed which are less prone to diseases and practice poly culture, which is basically planting different crops next to each other making sure of the crop variety diversity, this is to minimise crop attack by pests.

Crop rotation will also eliminate diseases as you plant different crops at different times as you enhance soil fertility in the process.Do proper Organic farming,get best yields!

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